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Chakra - Solar Plexus and Sacral 

While often considered a gemstone, Amber is actually fossilized resin from ancient evergreen trees. The oldest Amber to be discovered is about 320 million years old!

Young Amber stones are less than 100,000 years old. Valuable pieces are much older. The most obvious quality of Amber is its (very) old energy. Often you will see little insects trapped inside the Amber.

Amber colour can range from white and light milky to dark antique. The lighter yellow Amber stones are associated with the stomach (solar plexus) Chakra and the darker orange stones are associated with the Sacral Chakra.


The English name for "Amber" actually comes from the mistaken belief that it was the same substance as ambergris, derived from sperm whales, as both were harvested at the same time when they washed up on beaches in the 14th century.

Historically Amber was heated up so it could be moulded into various shapes but it was also used as fuel and for healing/medicinal purposes. 

Amber starts out as sticky plant sap, falling to the floor and being buried by sediment, hardening by heat and pressure. But it is while it is still fresh and viscous that it will snare a helpless passing creature, trapping it forever. Over the years many spectacular fossils have been found trapped inside Amber. Some examples are ticks, lizards, plants, feathers and even snakes.

Amber has become popular again in recent years and is known for helping reduce teething pain in infants (although it should never be placed in the mouth).


  • Courage - Roman gladiators used to carry Amber into battle to give them courage. It is said to stimulate the intellect and promote self-confidence.

  • Depression - Amber is said to alleviate stress as it balances the emotions and clears negative energy.

  • Yellow (honey) Amber can help with any problems relating to the digestive system.

  • Orange (cognac) Amber can help the body adjust to the physical, emotional and hormonal changes during pregnancy. Can also help you experience pure joy.

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