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Chakra - Base

Bloodstone is a variety of jasper. It is flecked or carved with red giving it the appearance of blood on stone, which is where it gets its name from. 

It has been credited with the power to heal due to its auspicious origin. It is said that the blood of Christ splashed on to a piece of jasper and turned into bloodstone as he hung on the cross.

In reality the red is caused by hematite, a form of iron oxide that causes rust to turn bright red.

Bloodstone has been credited with the ability to protect against deception, help with poor circulation, help with motivation and boost a low libido. 


In Ancient Egypt, bloodstone was ground and mixed with honey as a cure for tumours and to stop haemorrhaging. It was widely known for its abilities to cure any ailment relating to the blood. It was thought to clear bloodshot eyes, cure haemorrhoids and protect from poison.

In Babylon, the crystal was worn over the chest to prevent internal bleeding. Once owned, it was never discarded as it was believed that a permanent link had been made.

Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope, from the Greek words 'helios', meaning 'Sun', and 'trepein', meaning 'turn towards'. This name comes from the belief in Ancient Greece and China that heliotrope could predict solar eclipses.

In the middle ages heliotrope was thought to bestow the power of invisibility on the bearer, thus shrouding things from view.


  • Can help you see through lies and protect from deception.

  • Use bloodstone to help with motivation when you want to start a new project.

  • To boost a low libido, hold a bloodstone in each hand and place one at the base of your spine and the other at the top of your pelvis. Focus on the stones energy which will flow into your base Chakra, helping to clear and blockages and negative energy.

  • Can calm and bring balance to your social persona.

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