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Clear Quartz

Image by Jason D

Chakra - Crown

So much more than a beautiful crystal, Clear Quartz acts as an amplifier of energy and is good for healing and communication.

You may already know Clear Quartz as the material from which crystal balls are made, but even small pieces have magical associations and uses. Its clarity and purity give it similarities to water and glass and can be used to 'wash away' negative energies. Quartz is believed to strengthen the link between Earth and the heavens.


Clear Quartz rocks have been appreciated since ancient times. With their beautiful reflective, healing, and protective properties they have been believed to be actual living things that take a breath only once per century.

Ancient Egyptians would wear Clear Quartz in all types of jewellery and would bury Clear Quartz rocks carved into amulets with their dead believing the icy beauty could be appreciated in the afterlife.

Ancient Romans thought Transparent Quartz was ice that had solidified over time and women of high social standing would hold balls of it to cool their hands in hot weather.

Clear Quartz stones were also used to start fires. Placed on wood chip in the sunlight they would cause the chips to smoke then burst into flames.

Clear Quartz rock is used today for its piezoelectric powers, meaning when compressed it produces an electric charge. It can be found in many devices including radios, microphones and watches.


  • Pain relief. This crystal can cleanse and purify your body and help focus and channel healthy energy, directing it to the point of pain or sickness.

  • Clear Quartz amplifying abilities can help to increase your psychic awareness. You can use it to aid psychic travelling and dream journeys.

  • Aid concentration and unlock memories

  • Stimulate the immune system and bring balance back to the physical body.

For Children:

  • Said to be the Master Healer Clear Quartz can help children ease their pain and recover faster when they are feeling sick.

  • Eliminates negative energy.

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