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Chakra - All Of Them!

Fluorite comes in many different colours but the most popular are clear (crown Chakra) purple (third eye Chakra), blue (throat Chakra) green (heart Chakra) and yellow (solar plexus Chakra). You can also find it in red, pink, brown, orange and black! The fluorite that has both green and purple running through it is often called rainbow Fluorite and is the most sought after. It is easy to see why! 

Pure Fluorite is transparent, the colours come from impurities in the crystal.

Fluorite absorbs negative energy and enhances the positive energy around you. It is a great crystal when used with affirmations. It can help the mind flow freely to balance thoughts and ideas. If you are having trouble with making a decision then Fluorite can help. It has been credited with clearer thinking, better mental clarity and improved concentration.


Fluorite takes its name from the Latin word 'fluere' meaning 'to flow'. Strangely, for such a beautiful stone, there are no recorded historical uses or mythical associations for it. Fluorite was formerly known as fluorspar and has very unusual qualities - it gives off light in darkness when exposed to a heat source. It is only in recent years that it has been widely available as a crystal for the public to buy, with the exception of the famous Blue John variety. This is a violet-blue and white or yellow banded variety of Fluorite found only in Derbyshire, England. Miners used to call Blue John 'ore flowers', because they sometimes found it formed into flower like shapes.



  • Bring more clarity into your life. Blue and purple Fluorite are particularly good for this purpose but any colour will do.

  • Fluorite is a great balancing stone and can help out at times when you are feeling out of sorts. It helps balance the physical, emotional and mental states.

  • Can help you focus and concentrate better when meditating.

  • Great for problems in sleeping or waking during the night.

  • Fluorite absorbs energy very well. If you are at a low ebb, use fluorite to give you a jumpstart.

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