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Lapis Lazuli


Chakra - Third Eye


Lapis Lazuli is a gorgeous blue coloured stone that has been prized and traded since 5000BC. It's golden flecks of Pyrite (fools gold) give it a magnificence that draws the eye.

This stone is a mixture of hauyne, lazurite, pyrite and sodalite in a matrix of calcite. Its name means 'sky stone' from the Latin lapis meaning 'stone' and the Persian lazward meaning 'blue' or 'sky'.

Lapis Lazuli has wide-ranging uses in crystal therapy, being useful in cases of eye strain, difficult pregnancies, trouble in expressing yourself and for relaxation.



Lapis Lazuli was one of the most favourite stones of the Egyptians. Judges had to wear small Lapis Lazuli pendants of Maat on gold chains, as a sign of the responsibility of their office. It was also powdered to make the colour ultramarine and used as eye shadow. The Egyptian Sun god Ra was also described as having lapis lazuli hair, which was symbolic of the heavens.

The Greeks called it 'sapphire sprinkled with gold', which lends support to the theory that many ancient references to sapphire actually referred to Lapis Lazuli.

The stone was often used to represent the heavens, and the earliest reference to it is in a Sumerian hymn describing the Moon god Sim as having a 'long, flowing beard, bright as lapis lazuli'.



  • Long associated with the eyes it can help with any problems in this area. 

  • Use it to help you 'find your voice'. If you are having trouble speaking from the heart and saying what you really feel, this stone can help.

  • A great stone to help with relaxation. Can help with meditation when your mind is easily distracted. 

  • Good for insomnia. Wear jewellery with this stone in while you sleep or place under your pillow.

  • According to ancient records, lapis lazuli has been used to aid pregnancies throughout history. Wear or carry a piece around or near the waist to help protect your unborn child.

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