Welcome to my blog page!

I have created this section on my website so that I can share all things crystal, jewellery, meditation and mindfulness related. I will post about once a month and hopefully create more awareness around my brand and what I'm trying to achieve.

Here is a photo of a calm, relaxing sea to set the mood.

You may already know that I hope to open up a meditation retreat in the future and that I want to offer other alternative therapies within that setting. The main ones being floatation therapy, yoga and of course, crystal healing.

So why floatation therapy?

For those of you who have never heard of floatation therapy or don't know much about it, here is a brief summary:

It is the practice of lying back in a pod filled with 10in of water with enough Epsom salt to allow an individual to float weightless atop the water. With the water heated to skin temperature and usually done in the dark with no sound, the user can experience a zero-gravity, sensory deprived environment, allowing the mind and body to completely let go and relax.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Speed up rehabilitation and recovery of muscles

  • Reduce heart rate and blood pressure

  • Create a deeper state of meditation

  • Speed up the healing process

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Benefit pregnant women

I have practiced floatation therapy and I love it. I can't wait for lockdown to be over so I can start floating again.

Why yoga?

Yoga is something that I have been drawn to for years but kept pushing it away. I knew I wanted to start but kept finding excuses not to. The classic ones like, I don't have enough time, I don't have enough space, I don't know where to start etc etc.

Then finally in October 2020 I unrolled the mat and discovered Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. I would recommend her videos to anyone wanting to go on their own yoga journey. I have been practising yoga daily for almost 5 months now and I love it (I did miss a few days over Christmas and New Year). It fits in really well with my mindfulness practice and really helps with keeping flexible for my running. Although I have to admit, I still have very little upper body strength!

Why crystal healing?

Well crystals are what I do and I'm learning more about them every day and I have to admit that it is quite addictive. I love beautiful things and that's what crystals are. I love making them into beautiful pieces of jewellery and find learning about the history and benefits fascinating.

I truly believe that using crystals in a mindful way has so many benefits. Whether or not you believe they have energy or vibration levels there is no denying that meditating mindfully with any crystal helps your state of mind.

So I hope you have enjoyed reading my very first blog. Until next month, stay safe and mindful.

Lots of love

Fiona xx

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