Sodalite Nugget Earrings

These beautiful Sodalite chip nuggets look stunning together with your favourite pendant. Each earring has 5 crystal nuggets.

Silver plated.


Sodalite is best known for its ability to calm and bring clarity. It connects the heart and head allowing you to show the most authentic version of yourself.

If you are struggling to express yourself to others and holding back your truth due to fear, then Sodalite is the crystal for you. (See 'explore semi-precious stones' for more information on Sodalite)


Please note the pendants are not silver plated. 


If you would prefer stud back earrings on these please email me after placing your order.

Sodalite Nugget Earrings

  • Silver plated jewellery will tarnish over time and some semi-precious stones could lose their vibrancy if stored incorrectly. To keep your jewellery looking at it's best for as long as possible I recommend you store it in the air tight bag it is supplied in, out of direct sunlight and always keep it dry.