Chakra - Sacral

The tumbled stones I sell are Brazilian Agate which is predominantly orange Carnelian with occasional bands of white or lighter orange and cream/brown. It brings about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance and aids in centring and stabilising physical energy. It is a soothing and calming stone which works slowly but brings great strength. It can bring hidden information to light. 

The agates from Brazil are mostly mined from decomposed volcanic ash and basalt from the late Permian age.  In Rio Grande do Sul the "agate mines" are normally just ploughed fields in which loose agates are found and collected.

The beads and nugget chips I use in my jewellery are Carnelian which takes it's name from the Latin word 'cornu' which means 'horn', and the stone is particularly associated with sexual energy and fertility by crystal healers.


Decorative Carnelian has been uncovered from the ancient world since 6,500 years ago. Ancient Egyptians associated Carnelian with the Goddess Isis and her female energies. The Egyptian Book of the Dead describes how Carnelian was placed in tombs for life after death and King Tutankhamun's funeral mask included Carnelian stones. Hieroglyphic texts from the Egyptian Book of the Dead were engraved on Carnelian stones.

Hebrew and Arab cultures used Carnelian to prevent illnesses.


  • Offers emotional balance, promoting courage and endurance in the body, mind, and spirit. A classic grounding stone for high energy individuals, it smooths and stabilizes the aura. This type of agate aids with the precision of your inner sight

  • Aiding you in creative pursuits like art, music, theater, etc.

  • Achieving sexual balance.

  • Channeling the warm energy of the sun to your lower chakras.

  • Supporting your professional endeavors, from interviews to new contracts to promotions.

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