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Crystal Chips Party

Crystal chips parties are suitable for adults and older children from the age of 12.


You and your guests will design and make a gorgeous pair of dangly earrings and a stretch elastic bracelet using crystal chip beads and pendants. You will learn how to cut and shape your wire to make simple loops to attach your pendants and connect your design to your ear wires. I will also show you how to tie your bracelets with the best knot to secure it.


I have a huge range chips with over 25 different crystals in stock. (Please do let me know if there are specific crystals you would like to work with and I will endeavour to order these in for your party). I also have a large selection of gorgeous charms and pendants.

The jewellery making activities will last 2 hours.

Price £160 up to 6 people. Additional guests £15 each.

Ear wires are silver or gold plated but I do have sterling silver for those with allergies.

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