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In this fast-paced world we now find ourselves living in, everyone can benefit from mindfulness

Fiona Stretton-Emerson


I launched One Jewellery in September 2020 after a few very uncertain and stressful months during the first Covid19 lockdown.

In March 2020 I was due to open One Float, a floatation therapy shop based in my local town Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire. Due to the pandemic the opening couldn’t go ahead so plans were halted, along with the funds we had secured to make this venture happen. 

Fast forward 3 months and it was clear the uncertainty surrounding the economy made this a very risky investment indeed. I was still hopeful though that we could make it work, it might just take a few more months.

Then, just 1 month later I lost my job. All hope of getting my floatation shop open any time soon had been taken away. I now had no job, no income and no plans for my business, that just 6 months earlier had been within touching distance.

Undeterred, I knew I had a long term vision for One Float and it was always going to grow and expand to help people by using alternative therapies. As someone who practises mindfulness, I decided to turn this situation into a gift. 

I had to come up with a business plan that allowed me to work from home with minimal contact with others and no large financial outlay, while still in keeping with alternative therapies, which I am so passionate about. 

I have always been interested in the benefits of using crystals alongside mindfulness so I came up with a plan to learn how to make jewellery and incorporate crystals into every piece I made. 

One Jewellery was born.


I set up my website and social media shops and started selling crystal jewellery. 

6 months later I opened my Etsy shop and started to attend local farmers and craft markets. 

After 12 months I knew that just selling crystal jewellery wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to get my vision back on track. My vision to help others live a calmer, healthier and happier life, through mindfulness.

So I got a business mentor, took a Mindfulness Teacher course and a Meditation Teacher course and set up One Sanctuary which I launched in September 2021.

I have recently launch a subscription box called Crystals, Mindfulness and You and I am currently working on another box which will be all about self care. I hope to launch this in early 2023.

Sign up to my newsletter to receive all the latest information on what is available and what is coming soon. You can also join my Facebook group One Sanctuary, One Community where you can benefit from lots of positivity, mindfulness quotes, a free meditation and visualisation each month, jewellery making videos and live crystal sales!

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