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Chakra - Solar Plexus


Moonstone is considered a sacred link to the moon in many cultures. It derives its name from the belief that it has mystical properties associated with the moon. It is thought to protect those travelling by moonlight and is sometimes known as the traveller's stone.

There are many and various benefits associated to moonstone. Use its magical powers to divine the future, strengthen your psychic abilities and even relieve the discomfort of water retention.

Moonstone is known to help aid the digestion system.

It is also associated with the growth of plants. Use it to help your garden bloom.



Moonstone was used in the Middle Ages to treat consumption (on a waxing Moon), for divination (on a waning Moon), and to reconcile lovers (on a full Moon). The Romans also believed that the stone had the power to endow love, wealth and wisdom.

In the Middle Ages it was also believed that placing a moonstone in your mouth improved your memory. Indian belief was that by placing a moonstone in the mouth during a full moon would enable lovers to divine their future together. A Christian prayer involved holding moonstone in the mouth during a waning moon and asking for God's guidance for the future.



  • Moonraking! This is an old technique used in magic to charge water. It is performed under a full Moon, using a silver or crystal bowl half filled with spring water. Place a moonstone in the water to enhance the process.

  • Calm your digestive system by meditating with moonstone.

  • Moonstone is said to help develop your psychic abilities. Use during meditation or attempts at astral projection.

  • Gardening. Water your plants with moonraked water to enhance their growth.

  • Helps to reduce emotional stress, making it easier for our mind and body to fall asleep.

  • Relieve the discomfort of water retention by placing a piece of moonstone in your hip pocket or wearing as a bracelet.

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